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Woflow's Link offers a flexible and customizable experience tailored to your needs. Link Configurations, which are managed within the Woflow Portal, define the behavior and appearance of the Link widget in your application.


Link Configurations let you set up and control how Link operates for different user scenarios. While a default configuration is provided initially, you can create multiple configurations, each with its unique settings. When initializing the Link widget via SDK, simply pass in the desired configuration ID to apply those specific settings.

To access and manage your Link Configurations, navigate to the Link page within the Merchant Data Platform.

Configuration Options

  • Name: A descriptive identifier for each configuration.
  • User Type: Designate the configuration for either internal team members or external customers.
  • Platform Type: Define the type of data being processed.
  • Integration Platforms: Select the integrations you want users to see.
  • Animation: Pick an animation to show users while they wait for data import.

What's Next?

We're continuously enhancing our configuration options to empower you with even more customization capabilities. Stay tuned!