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Show Job


The "Show Job" functionality enables users to retrieve the current status and details of a previously created job within Woflow's platform. By querying a specific API endpoint with the job's unique identifier, users can gain insights into the job's progress, state, and any associated data. This feature provides transparency and real-time tracking of tasks, ensuring users remain informed about their operations within Woflow. Whether a job is in progress, completed, or requires client intervention, the "Show Job" endpoint delivers a comprehensive snapshot at any given time.

Job States

This section details the various states a job can be in, providing users with understanding of each state's meaning.

initiatedReceived job request and initialized related tasks.
in_progressJob is being actively worked on and under way.
client_action_requiredJob cannot be processed because it requires further action from the client. Progress has been temporarily suspended.
flaggedCompleted job has been submitted back to Woflow for rework due to quality error.
cancelledCustomer requested to cancel the job while it was in progress.
failedAn unexpected technical error occurred and the job cannot be completed.
archivedSoft delete of the job, used when customer requests to cancel job before it starts.
completedJob has been completed and data deliverables are ready.

Example Request

To retrieve the status and details of a job, use the following request format:

curl --location '<job_id>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Token api_key=<api_key>'

Example Response

"id": "9df1f4d5-3c8d-45c2-8fc3-618c18daa9b2",
"state": "initiated",
"processing_type": "standard",
"results": {}