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Data Export Webhook


The Data Export Webhook is an essential tool for automating the transfer of data. This webhook is activated in two scenarios: when a data export is manually initiated or automatically upon job completion, provided the auto-export feature is enabled by the client within the portal settings.

Upon activation, the webhook will send a payload to the callback_url configured in portal.

Payload Values

idIDA unique identifier for the data export.
stateStringCurrent state of the data export.
callback_urlStringThe callback url used to
delivery_urlStringS3 Url that contains the menu in JSON
additional_urls[String]Additional urls (certain client's only)
job_idIDA unique identifier for the job.
job_typeStringThe type of job used to create the data export.
client_mappingsObjectCustom mappings for the client's system.

Example Payload

"id": "f757ea3a-4bc6-4545-b49a-ebc14be12588",
"state": "completed",
"callback_url": null,
"delivery_url": "",
"additional_urls": [],
"job_id": "2c212698-0c43-446d-8677-723182516196",
"job_type": "new_sdk_pde_menu",
"client_mappings": {}