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Introduction to Woflow

Woflow is designed with developers at its core, providing robust API and SDK functionalities to ensure seamless integration and interaction with our platform.

Embrace the Power of API & SDK

Developers can tap into Woflow's comprehensive API to create, view, and manage jobs, as well as access data exports. We've fine-tuned our SDK to allow for advanced customizations and integrations, ensuring Woflow fits perfectly within your tech stack.

More than Just Code

While our platform is developer-centric, we haven't forgotten the non-developers in your team. The intuitive Woflow Web Portal offers a graphical interface for those who prefer a point-and-click experience.

Our cutting-edge feature, Woflow Link, empowers you to embed a widget directly into your applications. This bridges the gap between our platform and yours, offering a seamless experience without the need to transition between interfaces. Ideal for both developers and end-users.

Dive into the next-gen data interaction experience that Woflow offers!