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Polling Data Export


In Woflow, data exports are processed asynchronously due to the potentially extensive nature of the data. While users can rely on a callback_url to receive updates, another method to monitor the status of a data export is by polling. This approach involves sending periodic requests to check the progress of the export until completion.

Polling for Data Export

To check the status of a data export, make a request to the appropriate endpoint:

curl --location '<data-export-id>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Token api_key=<api_key>'

Example Response

When you poll the data export status, you'll receive a response like the one below:

"id": "a2f71a26-98ae-459c-bda9-45b7878ef9e6",
"state": "initiated",
"callback_url": null,
"delivery_url": null,
"delivery_url": "",
"job_type": "new_menu",
"client_mappings": {}

The state will indicate the current status of the export, and once completed, the delivery_url provides a link to download the exported data.